Can someone walk me through what going to the Blue Lagoon is like?
We head to the Blue Lagoon in a few days and I have the most shallow of questions. What happens when you get to the locker rooms? Do you wear a robe to the shower then back to the lockers to put on your bathing suit?
Do you have to wash your hair before going in to the lagoon? Do you shower again after getting out?
I heard there are hair dryers there. Is it difficult to get to one with so many other women there? Can you bring a hair straighten or curling iron to use after blow drying your hair?
Are you expected to get in and out or is it acceptable to do your makeup and such afterwards?
Again, I know these questions are probably quiet silly but I’m traveling with a group and head straight out for the next part of our tour after the lagoon so we want to not look like a mess for the whole day as we arrive there first thing in the morning.Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate
I, uh, think you're in the wrong forum.

We're all about -- not

Thanks for stopping by anyway.
Lets help this person out... Blue lagoon looks like a fun place to go... if it's like the Hot springs here you probably would want to shower before and after.
Here is 21 important things to know about Blue Lagoon
IT does say "The silica in the water of the Blue Lagoon can be great for your skin, but wreaks dang havoc on hair. Getting the Blue Lagoon water in your hair will lead to a heap of dry, brittle sadness on your head. There is hair conditioner supplied in the showers, so I recommend coating your hair with a bunch of conditioner, tying your hair up, and leaving the conditioner as a protective coating. There’s really no need to put your hair into the water, so it’s pretty easy to avoid getting Blue Lagoon hair"
So I would probably wear a head piece to cover your hair if you worried about it or not get your hair wet at all.
"dang havoc" -- is that kinda like "grave danger" (as in, "is there any other kind?") LOL

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