Lagoon Biergarten
(4 hours ago)jetstar2 Wrote: I've still never seen anybody throw up on/from a ride. I realize it does happen, but it must not be that common. $9 for 4% beer will probably keep most people from getting very drunk.

Ok decent point, I'm definitely not gonna wanna buy 2 or 3 at that price point.   I do think one on a warm day will rock though.
(Today, 01:52 AM)jetstar2 Wrote: That's nice that they gave you a merit badge.

Awww, it's cute you think that just anyone can get their Cedar Fair Corner Stone Award/Pin. It's actually a very high honor that you earn for exceptional Safety, Courtesy, Cleanliness, Service, and above all, Integrity, as a front line team member of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

Lagoon's Coaster Culture Program and Values are far more impressive however, and I've heard Lagoon received industry recognition and/or awards for the Coaster Culture Program, and deservedly so!

(Today, 02:00 AM)Willenator Wrote: Looks like Coel Studio created Lagoon's Biergarten Logo. I just noticed this on Instagram:

Very Nice!

(Today, 02:11 AM)jetstar2 Wrote: Awesome find! These too:

And maybe this?

I think the Biergarten is partially in response to Evermore.
Hahahaha, yeah, no. Lagoon would never open a ride or area that isn't even close to being complete and is still a construction area.

(7 hours ago)Lennox Wrote: What exactly was his point? Although grammar comes in handy when trying to convey meaning, I wasn't critiquing being a grammar Nazi for the hell of it.  I literally had no idea what he was saying.  But more importantly, I was making a joke---something I'm beginning to learn you are incapable of detecting.
Yeah...some people on this forum can't take/understand jokes. Tragic really.

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