Season Passholder Attractions
Recently we've discussed how the number of season passholders has reached high levels. But do you think Lagoon is offering enough activities for people who go more than twice a year? I'm interested in what season passholders here might want to see more of to provide more of a draw after the 4th, 10th or 50th visit. I know people can get bored with the rides and other stuff after a while and with younger guests this sometimes leads them to cause trouble around the park. I have a few ideas, but I'd like to hear what other people are thinking first.
I wouldn't mind seeing more value for season pass holders but I'm always hoping they get bored and stop coming to the park. Ha Ha

In past years, there has been a low period of attendance that typically picks up during Frightmares. However, since cannibal opened, crowd patterns never go low.
Haha. Yeah, I'm just thinking Lagoon is bringing in all of this new repeat business, but not really giving them much variety aside from rides.
It's true. You can only ride, walk around the village, watch shows (Shane watches all and wants more but he's a freak), eat cookies, drink Swig so many times. After you do all that (usually in a few hours), what's left to do? You, Shane and I have been there...those are the days we walk 14,000 steps. It is even worse when Lagoon is busy because who wants to wait in line for an hour to ride something you've ridden 5 times already?
oh you know besides all that and watching the shows too......its always fun to just people watch. Have seen lots of strange people doing weird things......and lots of the LIF crowd is fun to even watch too. Watching Sid and Kayla at the potlucks and the park is always fun times too, I'm xcited tho for the new food options though.
Lagoon is adding a lottery for dining with the peacocks for season pass holders. Brad is gonna be the lucky winner of the contest!!!! He loves the peacocks at lagoon more then anyone at the park.
Sure. If those peacocks came to your workplace and ate your hard days work you would "love" them as much as I do. Sarcasm
Dont forget about ride supervisors messing up your hard days work in PV also.
Anyway, did you have any ideas to share?
How about discounts on food for season pass holders and a VIP line for season pass holders on busy rides like cannibal or early access before the ride opens to the general public.

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