Which Ride Would You Miss The LEAST ?
Let's say Lagoon is going to replace an existing ride with something new (Disney and Cedar Point do it all the time). Which ride would you miss the least?

Brad-n said he would probably miss Catapult the least (in another thread).

I personally wouldn't mind seeing Rock-O-Plane gone. I never ride it because it takes too long to load and unload. It doesn't really "do it for me" while the ride is in motion either. I've tried flipping, riding upside down, etc. Maybe it would be better if it rotated faster?

Anyone else have an opinion on a ride Lagoon should junk / replace?
Hydro. Definitely Hydro.
Air race for sure can be gone and cliffhanger
^^ Hydro for sure! I can't believe it has lasted as long as it has.

^ Air Race I think is a fun ride and have no problem with but Cliffhanger having been a ride supervisor over that ride and also thinking its ride experience is lack luster. I say junk it fast.

One ride that needs to change is the Bat. Its just a standard model of the Vekoma Family Coaster. There have been some great custom ones done since Bat was installed and with new trains using only lap bars. Also Vekoma's newest stuff has been looking pretty sweet lately as well. I'd like them to keep a coaster like Bat there but get a custom family invert from Vekoma or even S&S. S&S's family invert going into Dutch Wonderland this year looks like a cool ride as well. I think Bat is just too ordinary and at the very least get the lap bar trains, even though that is a huge cost to an over 10 year old ride now.
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Hydro would probably be second behind Catapult for me. Cliffhanger, the way it's operating now, is pretty useless. But I like the theme and landscaping there. They should keep that if they replace the ride.
Rock-O-Plane / Hydro Luge kind of tie on the ride I would miss the least.
There's a possibility Hydro may still be removed to make room for something new on the North end. I've heard it is staying And it is getting removed so who knows for sure. LOL

Air is less thrilling than the older Samari. I would ride Samari always before ever riding Air Race. (sorry Sid but it's true).
(03-15-2017, 11:56 PM)Willenator Wrote: Rock-O-Plane / Hydro Luge kind of tie on the ride I would miss the least.

Rock O doesn't bother me it staying. Its a good ride to keep up as the space it occupies I don't see Lagoon fitting something in there to replace it. But Hydro it needs to die!
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I would want Rock-O to stay, not only because it's a classic and I enjoy it (even when I spin too much), but because it's pretty small for a non-kiddie ride. More rides in less space.
Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Flying Aces go.  As I've mentioned in other threads, I've noticed it seems like very few people are going on it any more, and hardly seems worth the cost that must be involved in operating it any more (and if Lagoon were to combine getting rid of it along with eliminating it along with Hydro-Luge, that would open up a lot of space in the northern part of the park).

Also, all the X-Venture Zone rides I could live without.  I've always found the idea a bit odd (Lagoon isn't the only amusement park to offer such types of rides), Catapult in particular - you're already paying a goodly amount of money just to get into the park in the first place (and then throwing in the parking fee on top of that for those of us who have to drive and park there), and then being expected to pay $20 just to go on one ride, one time (take into account that the general admission to Lagoon, without any discounts,  will set you back just about $60 - after taxes are included - for unlimited use of the "regular" attractions during operating hours).  (Sky Coaster isn't cheap either, at $15 a person, and while Double Thunder Raceway's price is more manageable on the individual level, it's kind of pointless unless you have a certain amount of people to go on it as drivers.)

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