June 2016 LagoonisFun.com Potluck Today!
We apologize for the late posting of this announcement.

Join Us Today in the Elm Terrace at Lagoon for our annual June Potluck. We have reserved the Elm Terrace ALL DAY for LagoonisFun.com Members/Followers and their Friends and Family. We will be having Navajo Tacos, Sid's Famous Funnel Cakes, and Brimhall Brewing Co. Root Beer. We as those attending to bring something to share, and if not, to throw a couple bucks in the Donation Jar for Supplies.

All Details can be found in the June 2016 Potluck Thread:
WARNING: The Following Post May Contain Sarcasm, Snark, Cynicism, Banter, Derision, Mockery, Irony, Ridicule, Satire, and/or Superciliousness.
Coaster Credits: 96
No. 1 Steel Coaster: Cannibal, Lagoon Park 
No. 1 Wood Coaster: The Beast, Kings Island

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