Lagoon News Lagoon's 130th Year Begins This Weekend
It's crazy to think that Lagoon has been operating for 130 years. This weekend, Lagoon begins their 130th year of operation. No new ride this year, but we are hearing rumors of some new improvements. Many of us are curious to see what Lagoon does with the old Top Eliminator building and how it will work as a gift shop and exit to Cannibal. Spider has received a fresh coat of paint and now sports a nice red and charcoal look, which many people have commented on already as a big improvement over the purple and red.

Lagoon has started a new tradition in the last decade where years of no new rides usually results in some nice new entertainment show. We haven't heard much yet in the way of what Lagoon plans for entertainment this year, but it will be interesting to see what shows up. Lagoon's marketing has been pushing a retro look with the Lagoon logo and retro looking marketing material. It's obvious Lagoon is looking back in their 130th year as they continue to push forward.

Members of Lagoon Is Fun will be on the park this weekend. We are doing our opening celebration potluck in the Elm Terrace. A popular opening day LIF event is running around the park and trying to figure out what all the changes are. We'll share with you what we find out. If you notice any new changes, we encourage you to share with us as well.

If you plan on heading to the park this weekend, share your photos or videos with us on social media! Just use the hashtag #lagoonisfun, and we will share our favorites with everyone.

Here's looking forward to another great year at Lagoon!

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