Lagoon News Lagoon Accepting Applications For Seasonal Employment Starting February 15th
Lagoon will begin accepting applications for seasonal employment starting this Monday, February 15th.

Lagoon accepts applications online. Interested parties should head to Lagoon's website starting Monday. Some positions fill up really quick, so apply early. You will be able to select the position you desire the most as well as additional positions you would be willing to accept.

Lagoon asks that you read over the "Lagoon Look" and expectations prior to applying. You can see those here:

To Apply: (opens on February 15th)

Any Lagoon Is Fun members planning to work for Lagoon this year?
In case anybody out there is interested, or knows someone interested, Lagoon is currently hiring for Maintenance. They haven't advertised on social media, I don't think, but they have an ad on the marquee for it.

Seasonal application

Year Round application

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