Shelby Shelton (Turtle) @ Lagoon
it is over on some rocks at entrance to Pioneer village.

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Very new at coasters because I have light motion sickness that has been unpredictable. But here it goes 10 roller coasters and counting.
That's awesome. Never seen a turtle there, l.

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It will probably be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle by the end of the week after swimming in that pond......Shades
The Turtles have been in there for a very long time. Wink
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Great image....!! Thank You
I saw the turtle the other day on the same rock. I was wondering if it was a fake statue but then it hopped into the pond. lol.
It needs a name. Shelby?
Brad-n Wrote:It needs a name. Shelby?

Shelby Shelton!
I finally saw Shelby Shelton swimming thru the lake yesterday.

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