Game Plinko

Location: South Midway; next to Wild Mouse and Fire Dragon
Opened: 2013
Object: Drop a Plinko chip down a pegboard and earn points based on the slot your chip lands in. There are 9 slots on the bottom of the Plinko board. Two of the slots are blank meaning you win nothing if your chip lands there.
Price: $2 for 1 chip and $5 for 3 chips.
Tradeups: Prizes may be traded up for larger prizes.
Daily Winner Limit: 2 choice prizes.

Below is what the board originally looked like when the game first appeared. Instead of earning points for a prize, you would earn the prize listed on the slot.

It looks like the rules have changed slightly. The slots at the bottom now have numbers 1 through 3. The prizes are awarded by the number of points you earned.

I updated my previous post with pictures. I considered playing the game but I did not like the prizes which are stuffed snakes. I did see other people playing they were able to get 5 points.
Thanks for the update!

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