Utah Haunted Houses 2012
The haunt season officially kicks off again next week with Castle of Chaos opening up Sept. 7th for weekends at three different locations. Next will be Nightmare on 13th, Fear Factory, and Haunted Forest on the 14th. Finally Haunted Hollow and of course Frightmares! will be opening on the 21st. This is my favorite time of year and love to discuss anything Halloween.

By the way two of your best deals is Castle of Chaos's Trilogy of Terror pass where you can buy a pass for $30 and go to all three locations or just use it three times at one location. The other is of course Frightmares! because along with the houses you get the rides, and entertainment as well, food and games extra. Wink

Please feel free to discuss your thoughts and reviews, and let the scaring begin.
A man would rather have a good scare over good advice.

Im excited too! Planning on going to HHN at Universal Studios opening night on September 21st! They let you film the walkthroughs as long as you dont use any camera lightning. I just bough my a new sony camera and like before it has nightvision so its going to work out really good. The 28th im going to Mickeys Halloween Party at Disneyland too. I have hae head over to SFMM to get videos of Lex Luthors Drop of Doom and down to Sea World San Diego to get videos of their new manta roller coaster.

I will try to go to Knotts Haunt too. Than back here to get the theming of Lagoon's Frightmares. They wont let me do walkthroughs of the haunted house as I already Discussed this with dave freed. Im also going to contact some of the other local haunted house here like last year and see if they will let me do walkthroughs of the houses. Its going to be a busy time for me!
Let the scaring begin! As I volunteer for the main Castle of Chaos location in. Taylorsville, I know what is new for the Castle Of Chaos franchise. Our biggest addition is the brand new haunt in Orem, which is coming along to become an amazing haunt so far! It will have a mansion, asylum, and many other ghouls and scares coming around every corner of the haunt!

The Riverdale location will be adding another section to their walk-through called the Scream-A-Torium! With this being the third section, partnering up with 7 Deadly Sins and Carnival of Chaos, Scream-A-Torium will definately live up to it's name. The Riverdale location also have upgraded the area which holds the Coffin Ride

The Taylorsville location has brought back a classic from our old location on 33rd, which would be the Coffin Slide! Placed at the end of the haunt, the Coffin Slide is now a much bigger slide than before, and will offer quite a scare. The Taylorsville location also has added a new section, called The Caverns.

The Castle of Chaos family is definately growing to make the public fear us more than ever! Bring an extra pair of underwear. You will need them, because THIS IS CHAOS!
I have a question on the coffin slide. Is that the only way to leave the haunt? I imagine that someone my size would not be able to fit in the coffin. I am curious because I want to check out the haunt, but I would hate to be put into an embarrasing situation because of my weight.
Will, the website states that the slide is $3 extra, or free with hands on. Either way CoC is very good at meeting all regulations, and per the ADA they have to have away around the slide. Wink
A man would rather have a good scare over good advice.

Thanks for the info. That is good to know.
Yes, it is not the only way to exit the haunt. The Coffin Slide is its own attraction outside of the initial haunt. As stated, it is an extra $3 or free if you purchase hands on.
It sounds like most of the area haunts have been busy this past year and I can't wait to visit as many as possible. Fear Factory has made several changes to the haunt including making it even longer than it was last fall. We have also lowered our weekday prices. Regular Mon-Thurs (and weekends in September) admission is $20 and you can get a $5 off coupon at Maverik making it only $15 to get in. VIP admission is $10 more but that will get you to the front of the line and you also get a picture and choice of souvenir water bottle or shot glass. We will have a variety of bands playing in the graveyard on weekends as well.
Fear Factory will have the zip line this year that they were supposed to have last year but didn't get it approved by the city soon enough and will have a Zombie Apocalypse too. Went for Friday the 13th the other month and it was much better and more in order then opening.
I have never been too keen of Castle of Chaos haunts. A bit too small and the "hands on" extra is a joke. There's only three rooms where the actors smear blood on you.

With Rocky Point gone, I think the best haunts in the area are Haunted Hallow and Haunted Forest. Nightmare on 13th is okay, but nothing to go out of your way for. I must say that I was surprised by the "This is the place" haunt. They really utilized the area well, but the scares need to be amplified.

I haven't tried Fear Factory, yet. I used to work in the film industry a few years ago and we filmed at the place several times. The location is creepy, but also very very dirty. We had to wear surgical masks and refresh them every 2-hours as requested by our on-set medic. Don't know how you can clean up all the cement dust and animal/human feces in a place as large as that. Seems a bit dangerous, especially with all of the bodies constantly moving the dust around.

Has anyone been to Haunted Hospital in Toole?

Also, I started a thread in another section of the forum for those that have been to haunts outside of the state. I'm curious to know where others have been and what their experiences were like.


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