Admin Note: This is a discussion featuring pictures taken at Lagoon and shared on Twitter. Want us to feature your picture? Make sure you hashtag your pic with #lagoonisfun, so your pic will show up in our searches.

This season I will be tweeting commentary, news and razor sharp hilarity Rolleyes accompanied by twitpics from Lagoon. Follow me at @ReganLay.
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Sounds fun. If you hashtag anything #lagoonisfun, I will pick it up on my saved search and can retweet it out using the official Lagoon Is Fun Twitter account. It will definitely be interesting to see what you tweet. Happy

Anyone else use Twitter? I could always create an official members of Lagoon Is Fun Twitter list for those of you who use Twitter.
I'm @HarvyHusky on twitter
I'm @pianoflute2
I've started the Lagoon Is Fun Users list on the Lagoon Is Fun Twitter account. Keep in mind that I do not control what people post to Twitter, so use the list at your own risk! Happy

If you want to be on the list, let me know by posting your Twitter handle.
I was just thinking that this thread would be perfect to post Lagoon pictures, videos, and random tweets about Lagoon. Remember, adding #lagoonisfun to your tweets will help me find and retweet what you post to Twitter!
Here is the following pics from Twitter today:!/Deathbyillusion/s...72/photo/1!/Deathbyillusion/s...0877103105!/Deathbyillusion/s...64/photo/1
Thanks for sharing the pics deathbyillusion. I can't wait to ride it.
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