The Santa Claw Is Back! (Win FREE Prizes!)
I talked about The Santa Claw Last year just after the holidays and you could play a actual claw machine fron New York using their sever and see it through the webcam. Well I caught it early this time and its not back and has teamed up with Gizmodo and it located at the Gizmodo Gallery.

They are actually giving out free prizes no shipping costs at all TOTALLY FREE. During the hours 11am to 5PM Eastern time you can play it. They will have a bunch of colored balls in the claw machine but they will be stashing specially marked balls in there which you will be able to see. If you grab one of those balls it records your information and they will send you a Gizmodo prize. They might email you or something so they know where to ship it &ou can sign in using Twitter, Facebook, or sign up with a email. Now if you want a chance to win a prize I suggest you get in line cause there is like 800 people waiting in this line to try to win something. The best time to get in line is late at night to early in the morning.

If you play and you lose you can get back in line again and wait to try again there is no limit. After there closing house they will stop play for The Santa Claw and hold the line til the next morning 11AM Eastern time. Sometimes the line says it full cause I think it can only hold around I think 900 people.

I got in line around 2PM on my computer yesterday which was December 9th and i was in line at 896 just a little before that it kept saying the line was full. I have stayed in line and now im the 107th person in line at 10:58am Mountain time which is 12:58 Eastern time where the claw machine is at.. Note that during the closing hours they hold the line and you will still move up some in line even though you cant play cause people's internet connections might drop out, they closed their internet window, or turned off their computer.

The best thing you could do also is if you have 2 computers is have 2 different accounts and gut in line 2 different places. I don't know if opening a new tab will work or not. Then maybe you'll have a better chance. I imagine that they keep giving out prizes til the end of the month. Last year before I knew about it they filled up the machine with a bunch of prizes and people would just keep playing til they were gone. This year they are doing it differently.

So if you want to play then you can go here
Whoa there are people INSIDE the machine right now. I actually won this a few times back when you first posted the link. I've got to say it's a little more fun now that it's actually Christmas.
I'm going to win that thing!
Yea I saw that too I finally got to play and almost wont a rolled up Gizmodo shirt but it fell out of the claw dang im in line again to try tomorrow. Also opening up a new tab work too for getting in line again I found out earlier.

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