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(07-09-2011, 07:53 AM)Deathbyillusion Wrote: I thought of making a video for each game at Lagoon on my youtube like how to play, the object of winning the game, how much it costs, & tips on how to win easier! Since I have worked in games I know tricks on quite a few games to help increase your chances of winning! Anyone want to help me? Cause I would need someone to hold the camera or maby have different people do tutorials for my videos.

I think this is a fun idea. We could work on a these videos before the potluck meal on the 18th if you want. I'd be willing to hold the camera for you.
I am up for this. I have posted at least one video of my winning goblet toss. We could actually give a little commentary at the beginning.

BTW. I won goblet toss last sunday.
What are we doing for dinner?
If I have the 18th off, I can help out as well. Smile
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