Roll O Planes
davehi1 Wrote: The former Roll-O-Plane site is now a garden. This picture is from 2006.

[Image: normal_rolloarea2005001.jpg]

So is she buried under the concrete ring, eternally circling?

Looks like the article was still online. Sorry I didn't check back sooner. But anyway, here's the Roll-O-Plane after the mishap, courtesy of Sid. Warning: Due to the graphic nature of this photograph, viewer discretion is advised.

[Image: DeadRoll-O-Plane.jpg]Photo courtesy of Sid

That corner near the old site has some very noticeable new pavement. Why don't they ever put anything over there? Does anyone know if they plan to do something with that whole area?
See, it folded in half like a Taco! Laugh
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LOL Sid, You've just been WAITING to prove that!


Oh man that makes me sad..... sniff..
So it is a taco Laugh well i heared the story from a games person that was working the game that was right next to it when it happened.
trackbender Wrote:Sid never had it better on the fire dragon and Jet Star at night.
I remember hearing about the incident and really wanted to see it.
Lol, sounds like fun.

thats funny.

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