Pioneer Village needs a new attraction
(01-07-2019, 11:17 PM)UtahCoasterEnth Wrote: I just want the shootout to come back.

However all this talk almost makes me want to design another coaster to fit in PV lol.
Yeah, Mark and Christy couldn't even keep the shows going back there because of "safety concerns." There was at least an idea during the Mark & Christy Huffman Era, that a Stage on the South End of Main Street, just in front of the Restrooms/PV Photo Buildings could be built, the "street raised," "phase 2" of the supposed drainage system installed for "Pie Fight at the O.K. Corral," and seating facing the south. No idea how far up that Idea went, or if it was just something they were talking about to keep the shows in PV. After Mark got the job with the Walt Disney Company, thanks to his Lagoon Live E Production Resume, it seemed that whole idea was dead or put on hold.

In 2007 or 2008, I heard something from an extremely reliable source, that the Game Time Stage for Frightmares was built by Scenic Solutions for Lagoon and was not just built for Frightmares, but to be installed on the South End of Main Street in order to have another show in the Village. Looking at that stage when it was New, it certainly fit the area in the Village. All the stage needed was a new Facade for a Regular Show.

As we all know, that Stage is MIA now and has been replaced with the Bamberger Fountain Stage for the Dancing Troupe formerly known as the "Hackenslash Chainsaw Demonstration Team," that failed to demonstrate anything dance or chainsaw wise and left every guest that I saw, wondering what happened and what they just watched. It was actually quite funny, the stunned look on people's faces. The Lighting and Sound Design was Fantastic, besides the "On Off Strobes" zip tied in the Trusses. Even without some sweet truss warmers, the lighting design was much more entertaining than the actual show.

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