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Season Pass Photos - Willenator - 03-16-2017

recently the dates and times for people to get their photos done for season passes. This allows you to get your season pass prior to park opening and skip the long line that forms on opening day for photos. Here is the schedule:

Saturday (18th) 1pm-6pm
Monday - Thursday (20th-23rd) 3pm- 7pm
Friday (24th) 3pm-6pm

*weather and other factors permitting

RE: Season Pass Photos - Willenator - 03-16-2017

Question: anyone know if you can purchase season passes during this time too, or is it just to get photos taken for those who have purchased them? I didn't do this last year, and I'm thinking of doing it this year, but I haven't purchased my season passes yet.

RE: Season Pass Photos - DragonTamer - 03-16-2017

I'm wondering if they'll still be letting you do it over at the Annex during this time, too... I've been wanting to go during the week, but it's a long drive up from SLC during a lunch break, so was planning to go Saturday. If they're doing it at the gate, they may not do it at the Annex... ugh, just hate the idea of waiting through the crowd at the gate to get them done, especially since it'll be near 80 degrees then.

RE: Season Pass Photos - Spy Hunter - 03-17-2017

We got ours at tennis building then last Saturday got pics taken at the annex building