Physics Day gets second wind
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Posted by: Willenator - 05-18-2010, 02:00 PM - No Replies

Perennial Utah teen gathering adds windmill energy challenge

Quote:On Friday, May 14, more than 6,000 teens from middle and high schools in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada will transform Davis County’s überplayground into a giant laboratory to explore such basic physics concepts as gravity, projectile motion, centrifugal force and – this year – energy.

New to Physics Day 2010 is the Utah MESA Wind Energy Challenge. Middle and high school teams will compete in an engineering challenge to design and build energy-generating windmills. Winners at Lagoon will advance to the national MESA USA Wind Energy Challenge in Colorado in June.

The day-long event features Physics Day’s perennially popular activities and competitions, including the Colossus’ Colossal G-Forces Contest, in which teens use wrist accelerometers they’ve built themselves to measure G-forces while zooming through the Fire Dragon roller coaster’s 65-foot diameter loops. Participants will bomb a giant bull’s eye with raw eggs in self-designed protective containers from the Sky Ride, display ideas for thrilling rides of the future, vie in a robotics grudge match and compete in the Physics Bowl academic competition. While having fun, teens will have the opportunity to earn scholarships to USU.

Read the entire article:

Check out the article on Physics Day by Deseret News:

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  Tomorrow is Physics Day @ Lagoon
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Posted by: Willenator - 05-13-2010, 01:29 AM - No Replies

Tomorrow over 7,000 students and teachers will show up to Lagoon to celebrate Utah State University's 21st Annual Lagoon Physics Day. This is a great opportunity for students to get outside of the classroom and test and experience physics in a fun and entertaining environment. The park will only be open to schools and classes that have been registered prior to the event.

What is Physics Day? From USU's Physics Day Website:

Quote:The USU Physics Day at Lagoon is the first such activity in the Intermountain Region. Physics Day at Lagoon provides a valuable educational experience for the high school and middle school students; at the same time it is a lot of fun and provides incentive for students to develop an interest in science. Amusement parks provide nearly unlimited, illustrative and simple examples of many key physics concepts for experiments, measurements, and problem solving.

The activities at Physics Day provide excellent motivation for classroom discussions, lessons, problems and experiments on topics such as rotational mechanics, centrifugal force, conservation of energy, design of measurement devices, and data collection and error analysis techniques. For instance, it is much easier to get students excited to think about the physics of roller coasters than about the traditional, but very dry, example of carts on an inclined plane. Physics Day provides a chance for students to apply classroom concepts to real world situations and, like most field trips and "hands-on" learning experiences, its benefits stick with students longer than traditional lessons.

New challenge at this year's physics day:

Quote:The MESA Wind Energy Challenge will be a new Physics Day competition this year for middle and high school teams from MESA Programs. Utah State University has teamed with the Utah MESA Program to have the Utah MESA Wind Energy Challenge contest finals at Lagoon on Physics Day.

To learn more about Physics Day at Lagoon, check out the official website:

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  Lagoon's 2010 Commercial Campaign
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Posted by: Willenator - 04-27-2010, 01:52 AM - Replies (11)

This year, the creators of Lagoon's award winning 2009 commercial campaign decided to try something different for their 2010 campaign. They decided to shoot stills and then animate them. “We were really going for this fun spontaneous energy that was child-like and organic." You be the judge. Check out this video:

By the way, remember when I posted an image from the fountain and was curious why Lagoon would be working on the fountain so late at night? I think they were shooting taking pictures to be used in their commercial.

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