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Location: South Midway
Opened: 1998
Manufactured By: Maurer Söhne
Model: Wilde Maus Classic
Ride Capacity: 1,030 Riders per hour
Car Capacity: 4 riders
Number of Cars: 10
Max Cars in Circuit: 7
Track Length: 1,214 Feet
Maximum Speed: 28 mph
Ride Height: 49 Feet
Height Requirements: Riders under 46" in height may not ride and riders between 46" and 50" in height must be accompanied by a responsible person.
Aggressive Thrill

Wild Mouse is a steel roller coaster located on Lagoon's southern midway.

Ride Details

Wild Mouse is a type of roller coaster characterized by small cars that seat four people and ride on top of the track, taking tight, unbanked turns at modest speeds, yet producing high lateral G-forces. The track work is characterized by many turns and bunny hops, the latter producing abrupt negative vertical G forces. The top half of the ride features a "switchback" section, consisting of several unbanked 180° turns, separated by straight sections. The cars are wider than the track itself, giving the impression that the riders are hanging off the side or that they might fly out. When approaching a turn from a straight section the intended impression is that one will simply continue straight, and thus plunge off of the track.

The debut of Wild Mouse brought back some nostalgia for park guests who remembered a wooden version of the ride that originally stood in the same spot. Lagoon removed the previous version only 10 years earlier, but the popularity of the roller coaster encouraged Lagoon to bring it back. The mid 90's saw a rise of the steel Wild Mouse coasters, so Lagoon decided it was time once again for a Wild Mouse to entertain park guests.

Previous Versions

The original Wild Mouse debuted at Lagoon in 1965 as part of an expansion on the north end of the park and sat just north of the Bamberger fountain. This Wild Mouse was smaller than the Wild Mouse you see at Lagoon today with wooden supports and small cars that could hold two people at a time. The layout would be familiar to people with switchbacks on the top of the ride, tight turns, and bunny hops on the remaining part of the ride. The ride operated until it was removed in 1971.

In 1973, Lagoon debuted the New Wilder Wild Mouse on the southern end of the park in the same location of the current Wild Mouse. It was the same model as the 1965 Wild Mouse with some improvements to the cars and a different paint job.

Check out the following articles at LagoonHistory.com for additional information on the previous versions of Wild Mouse including photos.


Wild Mouse On-ride Car Mount (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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