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Location: South Midway
Opened: June 2007
Manufactured By: Zierer
Ride Model: Launch Tower Coaster
Ground Dimensions: 112 ft x 404 ft
Height: 110 feet
Top Speed: 55 mph
Max G-Force: 4.85 g
Power Consumption: 680 kWh
Ride Duration: 1 min. 36 sec.
Trains: 6
Vehicle Capacity: 8 (2 rows of 4)
Hourly Capacity: 1200 riders an hour
Colors: Green track, gray and yellow supports
Height Restrictions: Riders under 50" in height may not ride.
Aggressive Thrill

In 2007 Lagoon installed their most expensive ($10 million); their fastest (55 mph); their tallest (110 feet); and most intense roller coaster to date. Simply named Wicked this launch tower style coaster is one that will definitely take your breath away.

Wicked is located right behind the Fire Dragon and built on what used to be part of the south parking lot. This is Lagoon's first custom steel coaster and was actually designed by one of Lagoon's employees. The park worked with German manufacturer Zierer to make the coaster come to life.

One of the unique aspects of Wicked is it lacks the traditional over the shoulder style restrains found on most launch roller coasters. Lagoon's Wicked uses a unique lap bar style restrain that actually locks the lower half of the riders body in place. This allows the upper half to freely move and adds to the thrill of the overall experience.

The ride features a unique half-pipe section which is two compact vertical turns that simulate the half-pipe move that snowboarders or skateboarders do. The ride also features a heartline inversion and high banked turns.

During the course of the ride the car travels through two tunnels. The first is considered the launch tunnel. At the beginning of the ride you are sent into the tunnel where a loud boom is created by speakers as the car is launched out of the tunnel and straight up into the sunlight. The second tunnel is found just before the end of the ride where the car does a quick dip into and back out of. The last tunnel was planned to feature a water effect as the car entered the tunnel. You can still see the hardware installed that would have provided the effect, but it was never used.

If you ever needed a reason to head to Lagoon Wicked should be it. While the ride isn't as large or as fast as the bigger launch coasters out there it sure does pack a punch. You'll find yourself wanting to ride it over and over.


Wicked Roller Coaster On-ride Car Mount (HD POV) by deathbyillusion