Tipsey Tea Cups

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Location: North Kiddieland
Built In: 2013
Manufactured By: Antonio Zamperla S.p.A.
Cost: Currently Unknown
Ground Dimensions: 32' 10" x 32' 10"
Number of Cups: 6
Ride Capacity: 24 kids or 12 adults
Hourly Capacity: 480 riders
Height Requirements: Riders under 36" in height must be accompanied by a responsible person.
Special Features: Covered ride with ground level loading.
Mild Thrill

Tipsey Tea Cups is a smaller version of the classic tea cups ride found at Disney Parks. Lagoon's version features six rotating cups. Like most tea cup rides, riders spin their own cups while the entire base of the ride rotates creating a fun and dizzying ride. The cups will accommodate four riders (two adults and two children) making it possible for families to enjoy the ride together.


Tipsey Tea Cups Off-ride (HD POV) by deathbyillusion