The Rocket

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Location: North Midway
Built In: 1999
Built By: S&S Power
Ride Height: 217 Feet
Car Max Height: 185 Feet
Car Capacity: 12
Ride Capacity: 900 Riders per Hour
Acceleration: 4.5 G-Force
Height Requirements: Riders under 50" in height may not ride.
Aggressive Thrill

The Rocket is a tripod tower drop ride at Lagoon that has been outfitted with two similar but distinctly different rides.

Ride description

The Rocket consists of two different rides manufactured by S&S Power, a 'Space Shot' and a 'Turbo Drop'.

The ride's cars are square and wrap perfectly around each square tower. Each car has 4 seats on two sides and 2 seats on the other two sides, for a total of 12 seats. The cars are powered by a large compressed air pipe located in the center of each tower. There are three identical towers connected at the top. Two of the towers have rides installed while one does not.

There is a large Lagoon sign on top of the 217 foot ride.

Re-entry tower

The Re-Entry (Turbo Drop) car is loaded with riders at ground level. The car lifts a little to prepare the ride. Then the car is slowly raised to the top of the ride. It takes 20-25 seconds and the riders are given a great view of the surrounding area. When the car reaches the top it is suddenly blasted downward at 4.5 g (faster than free fall). When the ride reaches the bottom it is then blasted upward and eventually slowly returns to the ground with air-cushioned bounces.

Blast off tower

The Blast Off (Space Shot) ride begins the same way as the Blast Off tower. The car lifts a little as the ride prepares for launch. The car is blasted upward 200 feet in 3 seconds reaching forces of 4.5 g without warning. Once the ride reaches the top the car is blasted downward at 2 g. The car is then slowed with air-cushioned bounces that bring the passengers gently back to earth.

Unused tower

When the ride was installed Lagoon had planned to eventually install a ride on the third tower as well. The ride would have included the ride experience of both the Space Shot and the Turbo Drop. However, due to technological limitations the car may not have allowed it to travel to the full height of the tower.

If it had been built it would have been the tallest Double Shot ride at the time. Installation was held off until S&S Power could perfect the Double Shot technology. During that time Lagoon's relationship with S&S Power deteriorated and it is now believed that any plans to utilize the third tower have been abandoned.


Rocket Re-Entry On-ride (HD POV) by deathbyillusion
Rocket Blastoff On-ride (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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