The Green Train

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Road Number: N/A (Formerly No. 3)
Builder: Crown Metal Products, Wyno, PA
Serial Number: 3-80-24
Build Date: 1963
Wheels: 4-4-0
Empty Weight: 6,000 lbs
Operating Weight: 8,000 lbs
Tractive Effort: 1,100 lbs
Boiler Pressure: 150 PSIG
Cylinders: 4" x 7"
Driver Diameter: 18"
Fuel: Propane
Gauge: 24"
Status: On Display
Utah State Boiler Inspection Number: U2369-75
Boiler Manufacturer: Munroe PCH
Boiler Serial Number: 95509

The Green Train is a train that was formerly used on the Wild Kingdom Train. Its locomotive and tender are now on display under the name Rattlesnake Railroad.


The Green Train was originally built as a coal fired locomotive for Orville Gunther, founder of Bank of American Fork, American Fork, Utah, in 1963. The Green Train was styled after an 1880's era American 4-4-0 locomotive with a large balloon stack and pilot.

The exact date and year the Green Train was sold to Lagoon and placed into service on the Wild Kingdom Train is unknown, but believed to be around 1975. The train pulled four Crown Metal Products "Fancy" steel coaches with one of a kind brackets and trellis. It is unknown if The Green Train arrived at Lagoon with its coaches or if Lagoon purchased them later.


The Green Train carried the No. 3 on it's headlight. This is the same number carried by Houston. It is unknown if the Wild Kingdom Train operated with two locomotives with the same number.

Removal from service

The Green Train was removed from regular service in 1989. For several years, The Green Train's tender and coaches remained on a stretch of Pioneer Village Railroad track, located behind the buildings on the west side of Pioneer Village's Main Street. The locomotive of the Green Train remained under a tarp on a spur track that connected the Wild Kingdom Train and Pioneer Village Railroad tracks. After several years of sitting, The Green Train's locomotive, tender, and coaches were moved to a location by Lagoon's Maintenance Warehouse where they sat until 1997.

On Display

During the summer of 1997, The Green Train's locomotive and tender were moved to a short section of display track near the Rattlesnake Rapids Observation Area. In 1998, the locomotive and tender were repainted to their current paint scheme and a shelter was built over the display track. "Rattlesnake Railroad"

Paint Schemes

Originally: Green and red with yellow trim. The coaches were probably red and black.
Unknown - Unknown: Green with red and yellow trim.
Unknown - 1997: Green with black and yellow trim with dark green, light green, and yellow coaches.
1998 - Present: Locomotive and tender painted black and red as Rattlesnake Railroad.

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