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Location: North Kiddieland
Date Opened: 16 April 2005
Built In: 2005
Manufactured By: Vekoma
Model: Suspended Family Coaster 342M
Dimensions: 193 Feet x 121 Feet
Length: 1,122 Feet
Height: 49 Feet
Speed: 26 mph
Duration: 1:30
G-Force: 2.2
Trains: 1
Train Capacity: 20 (10 rows of 2 riders)
Ride Colors: Black, Green, and Purple
Cost: $3 Million
Hourly Capacity: 650 riders per hour
Height Restrictions: Riders under 50" in height must be accompanied by a responsible person. Riders under 42" in height may not ride.
High Thrill

The Bat is an inverted family roller coaster located in Lagoon's Kiddieland.

Ride Details

Lagoon debuted the Bat in 2005. Much of the advertising and media attention focused on the coaster being inverted. This brought a wave of excitement to the Lagoon fan base because this would be the first inverted roller coaster in the state of Utah. Anticipation for the new ride started out high, but slowly went away as more and more information was released about the ride before it's opening. People who didn't understand the type of coaster Lagoon purchased believed the Bat to be aimed at thrill seekers. Due to all of the hype, when the ride finally opened there were many people that expressed their disappointment. Although it was a new coaster and an inverted one, coaster enthusiasts quickly noticed that the ride was not very long and didn't travel very fast.

The Bat was Manufactured by Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V. and the Model is known officially as a Suspended Family Coaster 342M and uses Vekoma's MK-707 Track System. Most rides labeled as "family" are designed to allow parents to ride with their young children. The Bat is no exception to this rule. Younger riders and parents now have an opportunity to enjoy a roller coaster together. This is great for those little kids that are tired of Puff and want to move a step up.



Bat On-ride Train Mount (HD POV)

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