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Location: Main Midway
Manufactured by: Bill Tracy
Built In: 1967
Car Capacity: 3
Number of Cars: 7
Height Requirements: Riders under 36" must be accompanied by a responsible person.
Mild Thrill

The Terroride is Lagoon's oldest haunted attraction still in operation. This ride is a classic haunted house where you sit in a car and travel around a track viewing different scenes of nightmarish horror with the rare, but occasional gag that can startle some riders.

For the 2010 season, Lagoon did some work on the station. They added in a new animated vulture that periodically tells puns to those who are waiting in line. They also repainted the wall that the Vulture is housed in and added dead trees for theming. Before the vulture, there used to be a painted mural that depicted various creatures, flying ghouls, and a dancing man. It was a very odd painted mural and no one is sure of the intent of the painting. It is possible that at the time the mural was painted, it depicted gags that used to be located within the ride.


Terror Ride Nightvision On-ride (CompleteHD Experience) by deathbyillusion