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Spook-A-Boo is a trick-or-treating haunt located in the Scamper building during Frightmares.

Lagoon introduced Spook-A-Boo during the second year of Frightmares in 1996. During the previous year, the park allowed kids to trick-or-treat around Kiddieland after listening to a story in the Carousel Theater. Kids would follow a pied-piper-like character around to collect various treats and other goodies. That changed when Spook-A-Boo Alley opened up replacing the kiddie-bumper cars. Spook-A-Boo's design is similar to other haunts where guests move from room to room and meet different characters. The biggest difference is these characters don't try to scare the kids. Each character has a themed room and a small skit they perform when the group enters the room. The kids then receive their treat and move onto the next. Depending on the crowd size, the skits may be skipped in favor of moving the groups through the attraction quicker.

Spook-A-Boo is currently the longest-running attraction at Frightmares. It has been in the same location since 1996. The rooms and characters will change around from time to time, but the concept of the attraction has remained largely unchanged since it was introduced. The attraction is open up to children under 54" in height. Adults and families are allowed to accompany children through the attraction, but only those who are under the height limit will be able to receive a treat bag and collect goodies while participating.