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This ride is an X-Venture Zone Attraction and is not included in the All-Day Passport.
Location: North Midway
Built In: 1995
Built By: Sky Fun 1
Main Arch: 173 Feet
Launch Towers: 153 Feet
Speed: 40-80 mph
Flight Cables: 2 sets
Flyers per Cables: 1-3
Height Requirements: Riders under 46" in height may not ride.
Aggressive Thrill

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Skycoaster is an X-Venture Zone attraction located on Lagoon's North Midway.

In 1995 Lagoon's skyline was increased with the addition of the Skycoaster. A unique ride experience that allows riders to experience skydiving and hang gliding in one ride.

One to three flyers can ride together. Each rider is placed into a full body harness referred to as a Flight Suit. They are then attached to two steel cables and placed in a prone (lying face downward) position. At that point the riders are hoisted up to the top of the launch tower taking them to a height of 143 feet above the ground.

At that point you have a great view of Double Thunder Raceway and other points in the park. But it doesn't last long. The rider on the left (looking at the riders) is attached to the rip cord. When pulled it releases the flyers from the winch cable allowing them to dive into a headfirst freefall.

After sailing down to just six feet from the ground you swing up to a point of about 120 feet over the Space Scrambler. Then you ride back and forth for a few swings and are brought to a stop.

This experience is truly one of a kind and those of you brave enough to give it a try will never regret it!


Skycoaster On-ride (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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