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Manufacturer: O.D. Hopkins
Model: Sky Ride
Location: Over Main Midway
Loading Stations: North & South Midway
Built In: 1974
Ride Height: 60 Feet
Ride Capacity: 2 Adults / 3 Kids per Chair
Number of Chairs: 59
Moderate Thrill

Sky Ride is Lagoon's only true transport ride. You can hop on this ride at the north end and ride it to the south end or vise versa. This ride offers a wonderful relaxing view of Lagoon. And traveling at 2.6 miles per hour the ride is one of the longer ones that Lagoon offers with an average ride time of around 7 minutes.

Much like Rattlesnake Rapids the Sky Ride is in motion when you load onto it. The ride isn't designed to stop or slow down to load people so be prepared. Listen carefully to the ride operator and obey the rules that they give.

For the 2009 season Lagoon decided to update the ride a little with a brand new paint job. Each car was given a fresh coat of paint, renumbered with larger numbers, and got the Lagoon logo proudly placed on all three sides. The new and brighter colors really stand out and really improved the look of the ride.


Sky Ride On-ride Mounted (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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