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Built In: 2008
Built By: Poligon
Model: Gable Roof Sun Shelter (SSG 8X9 S60)
Height: 7.5 Feet
Number of Benches: 2
Number of Locations: 8
Requirements: You must be at least 19 years old to smoke in the state of Utah.

A Sit & Smoke Station is a covered smoking area located at Lagoon.


In the past smoking was allowed in most open areas of the park, but in 2008 the park changed its rules to only allow smoking in designated areas and the parking lot. Sit & Smoke Stations were installed in each designated smoking area within the park.

Sit & Smoke Stations consist of an orange double sided metal bench, a metal shelter with orange supports and a red roof, one or two red cigarette disposal "posts", garbage cans, and a stylized sign showing a cigarette and the words "Sit & Smoke Station".


Sit & Smoke stations are located:


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