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Location: Kiddieland
Built In: 1977
Built By: ?
Duration: 2 Minutes
Number of Cars: 20
Height Requirements: Riders over 54" in height may not ride.
Mild Thrill

Every little kid enjoys driving a car. They watch their parents or big brothers and sisters drive their cars and so when they are given the opportunity they will take it. Scamper is Boomerang's little sister. Much like the bigger bumper car version, Scamper offers a variety of car colors for the kids to drive. Although these little versions do not have peddles to make the cars go, they can go forwards or backwards depending on how the kid turns the wheel.

Most kids find this very confusing and usually get stuck. Don't believe me? Just stand there and watch two or three ride cycles and count how many kids get their cars stuck or can't figure out the forward/backward thing. And because of this it offers much entertainment to the parents and other watching the kids drive as they try to convince them how to get the car going in the direction they want.

Even with this little setback, the kids love this little ride. I always see a line for it. I can't blame them because bumper cars are very popular rides and the idea of smashing your car into someone else's just can't be passed up.

In 2008 Lagoon decided to repaint the bumper cars on Scamper. They also added the word Lagoon the the front "hood" of each car and redid the license plates on the back of each car.


Reese's first bumper cars by Steve Schweikart

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