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Location: Just north of the Game Time Arcade
Spider Rating: Spiderrating.png Spiderrating.png Spiderrating.png Spiderrating.png Spiderrating.png
$10 per person
$8, with a season passport
Seance tickets may be purchased near the entrance of the show, northeast of the Game Time Arcade. Limited seating available for each showtime, purchase your tickets early to guarantee your experience.
Show Times (2018):
Fri: 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm
Sat: 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm
Sun: 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm
Thursday, October 18 will run on a Friday schedule.
Approximately 40 guests
Approximately 20 minutes

Séance is a live show in a custom built intimate theater that is part of Frightmares.

Show Description

Upon entering the attraction guests walk down a long hallway to the séance room, four selected guests are seated around a table where the séance is conducted and the rest of the audience is seated on a small set of bleachers to view the séance.

The séance is conducted by paranormal expert Clarence Black who explains that while most people believe that spirits are attached to places, they are actually attached to objects. Some objects with spirits attached to them are then presented and used to conduct the séance.


When asked if there was a particular project he had wanted to do, the show's creator, Joseph Wartnerchaney, said that Séance was the project he had always been the most excited about. He began performing the earliest versions of the show while he was still in high school where he would take classmates into a dark room and "screw with them". He continued to do these kinds of shows in various formats leading up to the opening of Séance at Lagoon.

Séance draws inspiration from midnight spook shows which were performed in the 1930's and 40's. Many of the effects used in Séance are traditional magic tricks and special effects that were also used in the midnight spook shows.

Limitations and advisories

Guests are not allowed to get up or leave once the show has started for safety reasons. Due to the intensely frightening content of the show, it is not recommended for younger audiences or those who scare easily. It was reported during the first year that some participants were brought to tears during the performance.

Guests in wheelchairs will be selected to take part in the séance.


During the 2017 season Lagoon started teasing the show as being new for Frightmares. A sign was placed near Game Time with a picture of a woman and a doll, the word Séance, and the question "Can you keep a secret?" Not much was revealed about the show, and the sign was the only indicator that something was coming. Before Frightmares opened for the year, a new door appeared on the wall to the north of Game Time with a speaker over it. The Séance sign was moved closer to the door indicating that this would be the entrance to the new show. Lagoon eventually updated their website with the description:

This fully immersive haunted experience blends chilling live performance, intense physical effects and unexpected audience participation. In this multi-sensory experience, guests are thrust into the action as a simple ghost story comes to life!


For the show's initial season, the theater was accessed through a simple door with two dead potted plants on either side of it located at the end of a former midway game building. For the 2018 season an all-new spooky house facade was built around the building creating the impression that this door is the front door to the house. The facade appears to have been partially based on commercially available dollhouses. At night, light emits from the house's windows. A ticket booth for the show was also built into the facade, previously tickets were purchased at the Dippin' Dots stand near the show's entrance.

Other location

A version of Séance can be found at Elitch Gardens' Fright Fest event. It is located in the water park.

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