Red Rock Rally

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Location: North Kiddieland
Built In: 2013
Manufactured By: Antonio Zamperla S.p.A.
Model: Speedway
Cost: $600,000
Ground Dimensions: 39' 4" x 19' 8"
Number of Cars: 8
Ride Capacity: 16
Hourly Capacity: 400 riders
Height Requirements: Riders under 36" in height must be accompanied by a responsible person and sit in the designated seat.
Special Features: Off-road vehicle theming and ground level loading.
Mild Thrill

Red Rock Rally is a modern version of the classic kiddy-whip ride where ride vehicles travel around an oval track and whip around the curves of the oval. According to Lagoon's site, the ride features beautifully designed off-road vehicles. Each ride vehicle sits two riders and accommodates both adults and children.


Red Rock Rally On-ride (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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