Rattlesnake Rapids

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Location: Pioneer Village
Built In: 1997
Cost: $7 Million
Size: 4.5 Acres
Built By: Intamin Company
Model: River Rapids Ride
River Length: 1625 feet
Capacity: 1500 Riders per hour
Duration of Ride: 5 - 6 minutes
Water: 1.2 Million Gallons
# of Rafts: 15
Raft Capacity: Up to 9 Riders
Pumps: Three at 215 horsepower each
Height Requirements: Riders under 46 inches in height must be accompanied by a responsible person. Riders under 36 inches in height may not ride.
High Thrill

Rattlesnake Rapids is a river rapid ride located in the back of Pioneer Village.

Ride Details

Rattlesnake Rapids is a river rapid ride where riders board rafts and float down a mock river encountering rapids, waves, and waterfalls designed to get the rider wet and simulate white-water rafting. Ride vehicles consist of yellow, circular rafts that can hold up to nine riders at a time. The rafts are made of fiberglass with a rubber ring that surrounds the raft to create buoyancy and provide a bumper as the raft encounters other rafts or obstacles throughout the ride. The station of Rattlesnake Rapids is at the highest point of the ride. Riders load and unload using a circular platform that is constantly moving and then enter the river, which flows downhill to large lift that brings the rafts back to the station.


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Rattlesnake Rapids On-ride (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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