Puff the Little Fire Dragon

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Location: Kiddieland
Built In: 1985
Manufactured By: ZIERER
Model: Tivoli Coaster
Ride Height: 11 Feet
Ride Length: 197.5 Feet
Speed: 16 mph
Train Capacity: 12
# of Trains: 1
Height Requirements: None
Mild Thrill

Puff the little Fire Dragon (often shortened to Puff) is the smallest roller coaster at Lagoon. It is located in Kiddieland, but can be ridden by people of all ages. It is named after both Colossus The Fire Dragon which was installed two years prior to Puff, and the Peter Paul and Mary song "Puff, the Magic Dragon". When the ride was installed it took the place of the Kiddie Coaster that sat in the same spot. Puff was manufactured by ZIERER, and is a "Tivoli" model.

Puff features an oval track layout that travels past a variety of rocky terrain and plant life. The ride is themed to a voyage by a little dragon through an enchanted forest. The theme is inspired by the song the coaster is partially named after. The ride originally included a water feature. The ride circles the track three times before coming to a stop.

Puff's dragon theme is common among smaller roller coasters, but is very uncommon for Tivoli roller coasters. The basic theme for Tivoli roller coasters is a ladybug, and if you look closely you can see the shape of a ladybug's face on some of the ride's cars.



Puff The Little Fire Dragon On-ride Front Seat (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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