Peak Exposure

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Status: Removed
Location: Main Midway
Installed In: 1999
Cost: $20,000
Closed: 2007
Price to Climb: $5 for 2 climbs
Moderate Thrill

Peak Exposure was a climbing wall that sat near Roller Coaster's exit and used to be associated with Lagoon's X-Venture Zone

Information red.svg This ride has been removed and is no longer located at Lagoon.

Peak Exposure debuted summer 1999. Peak was a climbing wall with four different sides, each a different level of difficulty. Climbers would put on a harness that wrapped around the climber's legs and waste. The operator would then attach a carabiner to the front of the harness, which hooked the climber into the tower's auto-belay system. This provided a safe way for climbers to enjoy the wall without much risk as the auto-belay system would catch the climber should they fall. It was also used during a climbers decent from the top back to the ground. Climbers who reached the top of the tower could press a button that would sound a buzzer indicating to others that they had reached the top.

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