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Location: Pioneer Village
Built In: 1969
Manufactured By: Arrow Development
Model: Log Flume
Installed: 1975
Ride Height: 30 Feet
Ride Length: 607 Feet
Log Capacity: 4 to 6 Riders
# of Logs: 5 to 8
Height Requirements: Riders under 46" in height must be accompanied by a responsible person.
Moderate Thrill

Log Flume is a water ride located in Pioneer Village.

Ride Details

Riders travel in a log-shaped boat around a level tree-lined waterway at a slow speed. After a minute and a half journey, the boat is lifted to the top of a 30-foot hill by a conveyor belt. At the top of the hill the boat suddenly tips downward into a water-filled chute and races back down, causing a large splash when it re-enters the waterway. Riders are seated inline in two seats that fit 2-3 people. This seating arrangement is similar to Jet Star 2's.


The ride was manufactured by Arrow Development in 1968 and was originally installed at Pixieland in Oregon in 1969, and was bought by Lagoon and installed in 1975 after Pixieland had closed down.

Only Arrow ride at Lagoon

Despite the fact that Arrow Development, Later Arrow Dynamics, relocated close to Lagoon, this is the only ride currently at Lagoon known to have been built by the company.


Much of the ride's rustic theming was not originally part of the ride when it was in Oregon. When Lagoon installed the ride they added split-log paneling to the ride's edges, log-cabin like structures and a wooden waterway with a waterwheel that serves no functional purpose. The waterwheel is actually turned by a motor and not the small amount of water falling into it.


Originally the ride traveled through a remote area of the park that resembled wilderness. Recent development at Lagoon has encroached on the ride's setting. The ride travels past several picnic terraces as well as a bright orange Sit & Smoke Station during its journey.

Past expansion plan

At one time Lagoon had presented plans to the Farmington city council that included an expansion of Log Flume, as well as a new rapids ride. Rattlesnake Rapids was eventually built with a different layout that does not allow for the proposed extension of Log Flume.

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Log Flume Splash by DaveHi1

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