Lagoon Trail

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Entrance: South of Lagoon Campground
Built In: 1993~1997
Length: 1.1 Miles (Lagoon Trail Section)
Length: 2.1 Miles (Farmington River Trail)

Lagoon Trail is a section of the Farmington River Trail that runs around the outside perimeter of Lagoon.


In 1991 Lagoon made an agreement with the City of Farmington to create a public trail through its property in exchange for parts of the public road 'Lagoon Lane' which ran along the back of the park. The trail would be part of the Farmington River trail being built by the city. The north section of the trail opened in 1993 or 1994. The south end may have opened around 1997.

Points of interest

There are several unique things that can be seen from the trail, including the following:

  • Scrapped materials from former Lagoon attractions.
  • Remnants and ruins of very old buildings and dwellings.
  • A zoo exhibit that was originally part of the Pioneer Village Railroad which can no longer be seen from anywhere within Lagoon. It still houses animals.
  • Lagoon's greenhouse for plants used by the groundskeepers.
  • Bridges that were once crossed by the Pioneer Village Railroad
  • Back side of Rattlesnake Rapids which allows you to see aspects of the ride that are not visible from inside the park.