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This is a list of things that need to be done. Use the discussion area to suggest new pages or announce you are working on one of the pages listed here.

Important Page icon.png Important Pages

These are pages that are important and in need of improvement. The important page notice should be removed when significant improvements are made.

Usage Note

Add {{Important Page}} to to a page and it will display the important page notice on the page, and the page will automatically be listed above.

Stub icon.png Stubs

Stubs are articles that have been created, but lack significant content. These pages need more content and links to other pages. The stub notice should be removed after significant content is added.

Usage Note

Add {{stub}} to to a page and it will display the stub notice on the page, and the page will automatically be listed above.

Style icon.png Wiki Style

The rides pages were moved here from the old LiF pages. These pages may not include the proper wiki formatting, links to other pages, or objective point of view. These pages should be edited to reflect the LiF wiki style. The style notice should be removed after the pages are edited.

Chat bubbles.svg Current Discussion

These topics have recently been discussed on the wiki. The corresponding pages may need to be changed or questions may need to be answered.

25 August 2019

     12:34  Talk:Putter Around the Park‎ (diff | hist) . . (+657). . Willenator (talk | contribs)

23 August 2019

N    18:39 

Talk:Putter Around the Park‎‎ (6 changes | history) . . (+1,216). . [Willenator‎ (2×); Jetstar2‎ (4×)]



(cur | prev) . . (+65). . Jetstar2 (talk | contribs) (Sweet!)



(cur | prev) . . (+351). . Willenator (talk | contribs)



(cur | prev) . . (+11). . Jetstar2 (talk | contribs)



(cur | prev) . . (+14). . Jetstar2 (talk | contribs)



(cur | prev) . . (+578). . Jetstar2 (talk | contribs)



(cur | prev) . . (+197). . Willenator (talk | contribs) (Created page with "I had a really cool page created a long time ago before the wiki that featured Putter Around the Park. I need to see if I can find all the info I had on the course and recreat...")