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*Lagoon is now open weekends!
*Lagoon is now open daily for the summer!
*[[Roller Coaster]] has received new trains and is currently being commissioned again, so the ride will remain closed until that process is finished. Until then, you may see trains running on it as Lagoon makes sure everything is running smoothly with the new trains and ride improvements.
*Work on [[Centennial Screamer]] continues in its new location.
*[[Centennial Screamer]] has been removed from the south end of the park. It's new home will be next to the new north restroom. Lagoon is the process of creating a new, more permanent ramp structure to go around the ride then they will reassemble it.
*[[Hydro Luge]] is now up for [https://www.usedrides.com/rides/204252 sale], and the ride is no longer listed on Lagoon's website. This confirms that Lagoon has removed the ride. They began to dismantle the ride last fall near the end of [[Frightmares]]. It's unclear what Lagoon may do with that area going forward, but some rumors hint at Lagoon's next big ride will end up in that location in the near future.

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  • Lagoon is now open daily for the summer!
  • Work on Centennial Screamer continues in its new location.