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Bullet orange.pngBody Slide
Bullet blue.pngTube Slide
Pipeline Slides
Blue slides next to Kiddieland
Bullet orange.pngTwist
Bullet orange.pngShout
Bullet orange.pngWipeout
Bullet orange.pngPipeline
Serpentine Slides
First level of large slide tower
Bullet blue.pngSea Snake
Bullet blue.pngBackdoor
Bullet blue.pngRip Curl
Speed Slides
Tallest slides on the park
Bullet orange.pngLiquid Lightning
Bullet orange.pngThe Drop
Other Slides
Bullet blue.pngThe Outrigger
Water Attractions
Blue Lagoon - The large swimming area with caves and waterfalls
Bongo's Bay - The children's water playground
Mooch's Maintream - The lazy river complete with fountains, a cave, and a wave maker
Speedie Eats
Smokin' Eddie' Grill
Totally Cool
Tube Rental
Ruby's Tubes - Rent a tube for $5.00 without a season pass and $2.00 with a season pass. The Ruby's Tubes attendant will keep your season pass while you use the tube.
Other Stuff
Volleyball courts
Beach House

550,000 Gallons of FUN!

In the mid 80's Lagoon decided it was time to update their existing swimming pool and give park guests an improved water experience. For over a decade water parks had been growing in popularity and Lagoon didn't want to be left in the dust. So they contracted Leisure and Recreation Concepts Incorporated to design a brand new water park that would replace the aging swimming pool.

1988 brought the last season of the million gallon swimming with "water fit to drink" and as the gates closed for the season the swimming pool would soon become a memory. The following season in July Lagoon debuted their brand new water park with it's variety of slides, pools, and water features. The water park quickly became popular and many guests found it a great way to cool off during the summer.

When Lagoon-A-Beach first opened to park guests it wasn't included in the all-day passport. At the time an all-day passport was only $14.95 and it cost $8.50 to enter the water park. Those that were interested could buy a "Ride & Slide" pass for $19.95 that would allow the pass holder to enjoy the rides and the water park. Soon the park just raised their admission prices and included the beach in the all-day passport.

Since Lagoon-A-Beach's opening a few changes have occurred. Around Blue Lagoon there used to be water cannons that park guests could use to shoot a stream of water at those swimming. This was very popular and probably very annoying which was most likely the reason for their removal.

Four of the slides have also been modified. Below is a picture of what the beach looked like when it opened up. If you compare this photo with photos of today you will see the changes. There were some issues with the speed slides so Lagoon had to modify them by adding in some turns. This also forced them to modify two of the Serpentine Slides on the lower level to compensate for the changes.

Photo courtesy of Leisure and Recreation Concepts, Inc.


The Outrigger Tube Slide by deathbyillusion