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Location: Kiddieland near Lagoon-A-Beach entrance
Year Installed: 2006
Manufactured By: Zierer
Model: Family Freefall Tower
Seating: 5 benches with 2 seats
Capacity: 10 Riders
Ground Dimensions: 18 x 18 feet
Ride Height: 40 feet
Height Requirements: Riders under 42 inches in height must be accompanied by a responsible person. Riders under 36 inches in height may not ride.
High Thrill

The Ladybug Bop is one half of two semi-independent vertical fall towers that were installed in Kiddieland for the 2006 season. There are five double seats attached to a motorized ring the rotates and travels up and down the tower. Operation alternates between the Ladybug Bop and the Dinosaur Drop. While one tower is running the other tower loads a new set of passengers. Only one tower can be operated at a time.

The Ladybup Bop uses simple theming. On top of the tower is a large ladybug with a few leaves. Guests who want to ride the Ladybup Bop must pass through a large mushroom.


Ladybug Bop On-ride (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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