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Location: North Kiddieland
Opened: April 4th, 2009
Manufactured by: ZIERER
Ride Model: Dragon Ride
Ground Dimensions: 58 foot radius
Ride Height: 18 feet
Speed: Up to 13 rpm / 15 mph
Carriers: 18 gondolas
Gondola Capacity: 2 seats each
Capacity: 720 riders every hour
Theme: Chinese dragon themed
Height Restrictions: Riders under 46" in height must be accompanied by a supervising companion
High Thrill

Jumping Dragon is a Chinese Dragon themed family ride located at Lagoon.

Ride Details

Riders sit in a large circular dragon train that appears to chase its own tail. After your lapbars are lowered, the ride accelerates and speeds around in a circle at speeds of up to 13 rpm (15 mph), flowing over hills and dales up to about six feet in height. The ride then slows down and moves backwards for the remainder of the ride. The upper part of the ride is enclosed in a highly ornate 40 foot tall pagoda.

Jumping Dragon is located in the center of the former Putter Around the Park mini-golf course.

Compared to Musik Express.

This type of ride is commonly known as a Himalaya, although the ride's manufacturer, ZIERER, calls it a Dragon Ride. The ride is very similar to the Musik Express at Lagoon. One notable difference is that Jumping Dragon begins moving in reverse about half-way through the ride. Musik Express did this in the past as well, but now it only travels forwards. Jumping Dragon also features divided seats with individual lap bars while Musik Express features open seats, seatbelts and a more simple, shared lap bar. The experience of being "crushed" up against your ride partner(s) that is common on Musik Express, will not occur on Jumping Dragon.


Jumping Dragon has a Chinese Dragon theme and travels through a giant pagoda. Behind the ride lies a tunnel that looks like a giant dragon that park guests can walk through. To the west is a garden where parents can rest and watch their kids ride. The ride queue line features detailed sculptures that fit well with the theme.


Click "Expand" to see an on-ride video. Possible spoilers.

Jumping Dragon On-ride Ride Mount (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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