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Information red.svg This ride has been removed and is no longer located at Lagoon.

Location: North Midway
Built in: 1994
Built by: WhiteWater
Riders per raft: 2
Height Requirements: 36" minimum. Riders 36" to 50" must be accompanied by a responsible person.
Moderate Thrill

Hydro Luge was a water-coaster style ride created by WhiteWater that sat on the north end of the park from 1994 to 2017. Hydro Luge was removed to make way for future expansion on the north end.

Ride Description

WhiteWater refers to this ride as a "water coaster." However, the style of the ride is closer to that of a luge instead of a coaster, so the name Hydro Luge worked for the ride very well. Hydro Luge consisted of a tower with two slides: one side was blue and the other black. Ride vehicles were blue rafts that could fit one or two people. The rafts were sent to the top of the tower using a conveyor belt where the tower operators would place a raft on a smaller conveyor belt used to advance the raft into the slide. Once riders were situated in the raft and ready to go, the operator would push a button to start their ride. At the bottom of the tower, run-out operators would direct guests to exit the raft after stopping, place the raft back onto the conveyor belt, and then signal the tower operator that it was safe to send another raft.

Each slide offered riders a slightly different experience. If you wanted to enjoy the ride and see the upcoming turns and drops, the blue slide was the one you wanted to ride. Many first-time riders chose the blue slide because it appeared tamer. The black slide was for thrill seekers. Riders could not see the turns and drops, so it made the experience much more terrifying as you were flying along in your raft in the dark. Between the two slides, the blue one was considered to be the slide to ride if your main goal was to get wet.

Ride Removal

Lagoon removed Hydro Luge at the end of the 2017 operating season to open up the area for future addition and expansion. The ride began to be removed during the final weeks of Frightmares.


Ride Videos

Hydro Luge Blue Slide Front Seat (HD POV) by deathbyillusion
Hydro Luge Black Slide Front Seat (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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