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This page explains how pictures are uploaded to the wiki.

Wiki picture basics

Pictures can be uploaded to the wiki and displayed on one page, on many page, or on no pages at all. Even if an uploaded picture is not used on any page it can still be found by using the multimedia search, or by looking at the list of files. Every picture has a detailed information page that shows what pages use the picture, any previous versions of that picture, and any metadata that is included in the picture file. You can usually access this page by clicking on the picture.

Upload a new picture

These are the steps to upload a new picture to the wiki.

  1. Click the "Upload file" link that is found on the left side of any page.
  2. Click the "Browse" button to find the picture file on your computer.
  3. Type a name for the picture into the "Destination filename" box. The name should be a simple description of what is seen in the picture. You CAN put spaces in the file name.
  4. Type a brief description of the picture and any copyright/usage info into the "Description" box.
  5. Click the "Upload file" button.

Upload a new version of an existing picture

Sometimes it is best to upload a new version on an existing picture. For example the picture Cannibalpage.jpg is used on the Cannibal page, the Roller Coasters page, The Rides page and possibly the Main Page, If you want to change the main picture on the Cannibal page, you should upload a new version of Cannibalpage.jpg so that it will appear everywhere that that picture is used.

To upload a new version of a picture, go to that picture's info page and click "Upload a new version of this file". From there, the process is the same as uploading a new file.


It takes up to 2 hours for new versions of pictures to appear correctly on the wiki. You will continue to see the old versions for some time, and they may appear skewed. Be patient and everything will correct itself before long.

Wikimedia commons pictures

Every picture on Wikimedia Commons is already available for use on the Lagoon is Fun Wiki. These pictures can all be used without any uploading involved. They are used on pages in the exact same way as any picture that is already uploaded to the LiF Wiki. There are pictures of Lagoon, pictures of things related to Lagoon and various page graphics in Wikimedia Commons.

Copyright info

The LiF wiki must have the right to display any uploaded picture. Generally permission to use pictures must be granted by the person who took them. Exceptions to this rule are:

  • Small company logos may be used when describing a company under fair use.
  • Copyrights have expired for pictures that were first published over 50 years ago.
  • All pictures from Wikimedia Commons can be used.

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