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This is a general overview of how the Lagoon is Fun Wiki works.


This site is a wiki. A wiki is type of website that allows many people to collaborate in the creation and editing of the site's content. To make it easier for people to contribute information to the site, a wiki uses very simple markup to format its content, similar to the type of markup used in a forum.


A lot of information about the park has been posted to the Lagoon is Fun Forum over the years. This wiki will allow all of that information, even the most obscure, to be organized into an easily navigated website. The aim of the project is to allow people to easily find any information about Lagoon that they might ever want to know.

Elements of the wiki

The following elements are central to the design of the wiki.


The wiki can be used to create an unlimited number of pages, each with its own title. Any interesting thing at Lagoon (or related to Lagoon) can have its own page. If a thing doesn't have a page, it's easy to make one. Pages can include text, links, pictures, videos, and a few extras. Every page on the site is created in the exact same way.


Pages should be linked together by any connections. For example, when the Jumping Dragon page mentions the ride's similarity to Musik Express, a link to Musik Express is added. Since the previous sentence mentions both rides, a link to both pages was added. Links are really easy to add in a wiki because you only have to know the name of the thing you're linking to.


Pictures can be uploaded to the wiki and easily displayed on any page. You can add your own pictures, add pictures that somebody else uploaded, or add any picture on Wikimedia Commons to any pages.


Every page has a discussion area for talking about, or debating the contents of the page.

Anybody can join in

Anybody with an account can create pages, edit pages, add links, upload pictures, or join the discussion.

No Worries

It's not possible to break or otherwise permanently mess anything up on the wiki. Every version of a page that ever existed is saved in the page's history. If you were to accidentally delete everything on the Fire Dragon page and replace it with it with a picture of a cat, it could be fixed by any wiki user with a single click.

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