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This page explains how to edit pages on the wiki. Note that an account is required to edit pages on this site.

Editing existing pages

Editing whole pages

An entire page can be edited by clicking the "Edit" link at the top of the page. A very brief explanation of your edits should generally be added in the "Summary" box. If the edit is small (like a typo, or moving things around), click the "This is a minor edit" check box and no summary is needed.

You can preview your edits by clicking "Show Preview" and you can save the page by clicking "Save Page".

Editing sections

Individual sections of a page can be edited by clicking the "edit" link that appears next to a headline. This works just like editing whole pages, but only shows the specific section you are editing.

Further information

Further information can be found at Mediawiki Help:Editing_Pages.

Creating new pages

You can create a new page by following a red link to a non-existent page, entering some info, and clicking "Save Page". You can make yourself a temporary red link to any page that doesn't exist by entering the name of the page in the search box.

New pages are edited in the exact same way as existing pages.

Page History

You can see all previous versions of a page by clicking the "View History" tab at the top of every page. You will be shown a list of each revision to the page. You can compare any two versions by clicking the appropriate check boxes and clicking "Compare selected revisions"

Reverting to an older version

To revert to an older version of a page, click the version you want (the link appears as a time and date), click "Edit" from the chosen version, then click "Save Page".


Each user has their own user page. You can access your user page by clicking your name at the very top of the wiki. You can edit your page however you like. It can be used to practice using the wiki, as a personal to do list, or as a place to work on new things.

Here is an example user page: User:Jetstar2

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