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Every page on the wiki has a discussion area where we can discuss what we'd like to see on the page. This is a guide to using the discussion area.

Discussion on the wiki

Page/Discussion tabs at the top of a page

To view a page's discussion area, just use the tabs at the top of the page. Example: To access the discussion area for Puff the Little Fire Dragon, go to the Puff the Little Fire Dragon page and click "Discussion" at the top of that page.

The discussion area is used to talk about what info should be on the page. If you have some comment, question or concern about the content of a page, say it in the page's discussion area.

How it works

Edit / Add topic tabs at the top of discussion area

The discussion area works slightly differently than a forum. You post to it by directly editing the discussion page, so there's a couple of extra things to keep in mind.

If the page you're viewing hasn't had any discussion yet, the discussion area will be blank. You will be given the opportunity to create the discussion page from scratch. If there has been discussion already, you can use either the "edit" or "add topic" tabs at the top of the discussion area to post your thoughts.


Each topic in a discussion area should have a headline and every post should have your signature. If you don't sign it, we won't know who wrote it! A headline can be created by surrounding the name of your topic with two equals signs on each side. You can sign your posts by typing four tildes (That's the ~ character).

A post in the discussion area should be formatted like this:

== Topic Headline ==

Discussion Discussion Discussion ˜˜˜˜

Alternatively, using the "add topic" tab will format your headline for you. You will still need to sign your posts.

Don't worry too much about accidentally messing something up, mistakes are easy to fix on a wiki.

Checking latest discussion

The latest discussion on the wiki is automatically posted at the bottom of the To Do List. There is a link to the To Do List on the Main Page

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