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This page covers some of the details specific to the Lagoon is Fun Wiki's structure.


Templates are easily added page elements used for navigation boxes, notices or other things that may need to be placed on many different wiki pages. To include a template in a page just enter the name of the template surrounded by two sets of curly brackets (like {{this}}). Some templates allow you to enter custom information to display in the template.



will produce:

Roller Coasters - Thrill Rides - Family Rides - Kiddie Rides - X-Venture Zone

{{Notice|message=This is a notice that draws the reader's attention.}}

will produce:


This is a notice that draws the reader's attention.

{{Removed|type=Giant Monster}}

will produce:

Information red.svg This Giant Monster has been removed and is no longer located at Lagoon.

Details on how to use each template are included on the page for that template. Here is a link to all templates in the wiki.

For details on creating new templates see Mediawiki's Help:Templates.

Templates and the To Do List

Templates are added to pages in order to put them on the Lagoon is Fun Wiki:To Do List.

The important page template should be placed on pages that need work, and are important enough to put on top of the to do list. This is done by adding '''{{Important page}}''' to the page in question.

The stub template should be added to pages with almost no information. This will place them lower on the to do list. This is done by adding '''{{stub}}''' to the page in question.

Additional projects can have templates created for them so that they may appear on the to do list.

Internal pages

The wiki has internal pages that deal with the inner workings of the site. The names of these pages start with "Lagoon is Fun Wiki:". For example, Lagoon is Fun Wiki:To Do List is a list of things that need to be done. Lagoon is Fun Wiki:Featured articles contains the currently chosen featured articles that appears on the Main Page.

Here is a link to the internal pages in the wiki.

Writing Style


Regular pages

If a page is about a specific thing (like a ride, attraction or company), the thing should be briefly introduced in the first sentence with no headline. The name should be in bold. Other names commonly used can be mentioned in parenthesis and should also be in bold.

An example first sentence:

Fire Dragon (sometimes called Colossus The Fire Dragon or Colossus) is a steel double-looping roller coaster.

After the first sentence, headlines and sub-headlines should be used to organize the information in remainder of the page. Lists and tables should be used where appropriate for organization as well.


If the page is a list of things, the first sentence should describe what the page is a list of.

An example first sentence:

This is a complete list of the rides currently at Lagoon.

Headlines may or may not be used after the first sentence depending on the layout of the list.

Point of view

Since a wiki has more than one author things like opinions, recommendations and other first-person speaking are confusing. If an article reads "I recommend that you go to Lagoon on Sunday", it is even not clear who "I" is. In general, articles should be written from an objective third-person view.

But there is one big exception to this. This is the Lagoon is Fun Wiki. The Lagoon is Fun Community can come together to offer recommendations, guides, opinions, perspectives, or anything else they see fit. An example of this is the Ride_Ratings page which offers LiF's own set of thrill ratings for the rides.


Pages should have as many links to other pages as possible. However, the same page should not be linked to over and over again in order to keep a clean appearance.

All of this can be changed

The details mentioned in this page are not set in stone. Anybody could theoretically change they way these things are done on the wiki and/or change the instructions on this page. Ideally, changes will be made with the agreement of the Lagoon is Fun community.

Additional Resources: Mediawiki Help

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