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This page discusses the various ways to browse the Lagoon is Fun Wiki.

From the main page

The top of the Main Page includes links to pages with lists of things, such as Rides, Attractions, Roller Coasters Lagoon-A-Beach, etc. Clicking these links will take you to lists of links to more specific pages.

The main page also has a Featured articles section that highlights popular, interesting and recently updated pages.

The Did you know? section presents some interesting facts from the wiki.

There are also links to LiF news items, recent wiki changes, forum posts and other related projects.

Lists of things

If several things can be grouped together, there should be a list of them. For example, The Rides page has a list of rides. (The Pioneer Village page should have a list of PV attractions, and the Games page should have a list of games, but the wiki isn't functionally complete yet, please help out).

Inline links

Links in the text of a page are usually a link to another page on the wiki. If you're interested in what's being written about and you see a link, click it and you may learn more. Links to other pages on the wiki look like this while links to pages outside the wiki have a small arrow icon after them like this.

Links that are blue lead to existing pages, links that are red point to pages that don't exist and may just be placeholders.

It is important that pages have as many links to other pages as possible. People naturally think in terms of connections between one thing and another. Browsing this way is much more natural and interesting than moving back and forth through some hierarchical structure of links.

Navigation boxes

Pages that are part of a group should have a navigation box that links to other areas of the list. For example, the navigation box on the bottom of each roller coaster's page (Jet Star 2, Roller Coaster, Cannibal, etc.) looks like this:

Roller Coasters
BomBora - Cannibal - Colossus The Fire Dragon - Jet Star 2 - Puff the Little Fire Dragon - Roller Coaster - The Bat - The Spider - Wicked - Wild Mouse
Roller Coasters - Thrill Rides - Family Rides - Kiddie Rides - X-Venture Zone


The wiki has an extremely powerful search built into it. If the thing you want to find is in the wiki, the search will find it. Just type the letter "s" into the search box above and watch all the suggestions that pop up. Type something into the box and hit enter to perform a full search. Once you're on the main search page you can even search through all the pictures on the wiki by choosing "multimedia".


To view the discussion on any wiki page, click the "Discussion" tab at the very top of the page.

Random pages

Want to be surprised? Click "Random page" on the left side of any page to go somewhere random. Don't like where it took you? Then just click "Random page" again.

Page Categories

Many pages are placed into categories. Links to these categories appear at the very bottom of a page. Clicking on these links will take you to a list of all the pages in that category.

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