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Location: North Midway
Opened: 1941
Reopened: 1986
Model: Flying Skooters 10 Tub
Manufacturer: Bisch-Rocco
Max Height: 25 Feet
Number of Planes: 10
Height Requirements: Riders under 46" in height must be accompanied by a responsible person.
Moderate Thrill

Flying Aces is a spinning ride located on the north side of the park next to The Rocket. The ride was manufactured by Bisch-Rocco and debuted at Lagoon in 1941.

Ride Description

Flying Aces features a center point of rotation with arms that extend outward. Ride vehicles referred to as "planes" are attached to the arm with a couple sets of cables. As the ride rotates, centrifugal force causes the vehicles fly outward. Each plane has a rudder on the front of it that can be used by the rider to control the motion of their vehicle. When rotated back and forth at the right moments, riders are able to bring the planes up to a decent height increasing the amount of thrill they get from the ride.

Ride History

When Flying Aces were first installed at the park, the ride was known as Flying Jets. It had a simple paint job and was located south of Roller Coaster's station in the spot where Lagoon's Biergarten now sits. At one point the ride was renamed Flying Aces and given a new look with a World War 1 paint job featuring insignias and names for each plane.

When the Music USA Theater was built in 1982, the ride was moved further South for the season and then dismantled and placed in storage. In 1986 it was brought back and placed where the Rocket now sits. When the Rocket was built the Flying Aces needed to find a new home. It was at this point that the ride was moved Southeast and placed between Jet Star and the Meadow terrace (it's current location).

In 2001 the ride got another paint job. The big difference between the original Flying Aces paint job and this one was the planes no longer had names. Many park guests noticed this change and voiced their opinions regarding the missing names, so Lagoon added the names back to the planes prior to the 2002 season.

Fun Facts

Lagoon's Flying Aces is one of only two Bisch-Rocco Flying Skooter models that rotate in a clockwise direction. All other models rotate in the opposite direction.

Lagoon's website incorrectly states the debut year of Flying Aces and the original name of the ride. They list the ride as debuting in 1964 and the name being the Flying Swings. The Flying Swings was a completely different ride at Lagoon that did debut in 1964. You can read all about it on Lagoon History Project website:


Flying Aces On-ride (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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