Dracula's Castle

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Location: Near Main Entrance
Built: 1974
Manufactured by: Bill Tracy
Ride Capacity: 2 Adults or 3 Children
Ride Time: Approximately 2 minutes 30 seconds
Height Restrictions: Riders under 36" must be accompanied by a responsible person.
Mild Thrill

If you have ever wondered what type of creatures exist inside of the Castle of Dracula, now is your chance to find out. Dracula's Castle is fun dark ride that allows visitors to explore the many areas of Dracula's home. From the main hallway to the dungeon room and even to a dragon's lair this ride offers many rooms to see. Watch out for some of the inhabitants, they like to scare people who are exploring the hallways.

One of the more interesting aspects to the ride is the gatekeeper. An owl with a bad sense of humor stands at the entrance watching people waiting in line. As you wait he tells you a bit about the ride and then offers bad jokes to keep you entertained. If the owl doesn't kill you with boredom then you are off to a good start.

This ride is your classic dark ride: slow moving vehicle, creepy music, and gags that pop out at you in certain areas. The ride isn't the scariest thing built, but some of the scares are quick and sudden. So if you have never ridden the ride before than you might jump a little at certain spots.

Here is the room list in order:

  • Main Hallway (Picture Hallway)
  • Whale Bones
  • Dr. Frankenstein's Lab
  • Headless Horseman
  • Dungeon Room
  • Mine Shaft
  • Cavern
  • Skull Pond
  • Mausoleum
  • Tunnel
  • Grass Shaft (Grumpy Gargoyle)

Don't expect Disney's Haunted Mansion when you ride. This ride was built in 1974 and hasn't had many updates. In fact a lot of the gags including Dracula himself no longer work.

Fun Facts

The Dracula figurine you see standing in the East tower outside of the ride is the actual Dracula animatronic that used to be located in the Dungeon Room. Dracula used to be the focus of the ride (hence the name). When a car entered his room, he would call to Morgana. Morgana's head would appear inside of the crystal ball sitting next to him, and they would have an exchange about the people in the car. The dialog went like this:

Dracula: "Ah, ah, vistors. Morgana, come!"
Morgana: "Drop dead."
Dracula: "Fresh blood. I want them."
Morgana: "They shall not escape!"

The Morgana part of the gag was a recorded video that played in the crystal ball. When she would exclaim that the riders would not escape, she would look right at the riders adding to the effect.

The name of the guy in the electric chair is Sparky. He has a full audio track featuring many different phrases included "Hey baby, wanna sit on my lap?"

One of the gargoyles at the end of the ride used to be a part of a Frightmares haunted house known as the Labyrinth.


Dracuala's Castle Nightvision On-ride (Complete HD Experience) by deathbyillusion